Founded by Travelers Rest artist, Marie Scott.

It is hard not to love the cheerful sunflower. Its sun-shaped head of petals radiates warmth and  represents many positive attributes including faith, loyalty, longevity and life.

Marie’s most recent solo art exhibit was a collection of her floral oil paintings — including sunflower paintings — which she titled “Bold Blossoms of HOPE.”

“My goal as an artist is to capture and spread beauty. I want my paintings to create a sense of HOPE, serenity, and optimism. Regardless of subject matter, I paint the simple things found in nature or everyday life I find to be beautiful. I am most concerned about creating the feeling of warmth and sunshine you would enjoy on a perfect summer day. The older I get, the more my paintings are created with heaven in mind. I look forward with much HOPE, to that place of perfectly unending beauty; the time when all sadness finally ends, and all wrongs are made right in the new and perfect earth. ”

— Marie Scott

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