Sometimes a store. Sometimes a classroom.
Always the art gallery and working studio of artist Marie Scott. 

Located in the heart of downtown Travelers Rest, South Carolina, the bright and cheery space called “Sunflower” is home to many creative endeavors.

The Sunflower Shop is the place to shop for a wide selection of consciously sourced, globally produced Fair Trade gift items and home decor. Products that have been handmade by artisans from around the world and brought to us by organizations whose purpose for existing is to help hard-working people rise above their situations of economic poverty.

Within the walls of Sunflower you will find The Sunflower Gallery — featuring other sunny oil paintings and home decor products of Travelers Rest artist, Marie Scott. You may even catch a glimpse of Marie working in her painting studio!

The Sunflower Classroom is a place where regular people can come together and learn how to make art and learn about other interesting things. Our teachers are experts in their fields and will be nothing but encouraging to you, as you work to develop your skills or just spend some time with friends stretching your creative muscles and your mind.

At the Sunflower shop, we love to create works of beauty. We also like to support other people who were born to make beautiful things too. If you are interested in helping artisans from South Carolina to Peru make a livable wage through using their creative talent and developed skills — then shopping at Sunflower will be right up your alley.

Come into the Sunflower shop and be inspired. Leave with a gift that makes a difference in the life of the person who created it.

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